Bugatti 9.0 Electric Scooter

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Color: Agile Bleu

Agile Bleu
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This product includes a 90-day limited parts and labor warranty for manufacturer’s defects.defects to the motor, battery, motherboards, gyroscopic sensor, lights, controller are included with warranty.
For non-quality issues, customer may ask for product replacement or return within 15 days after received it. The customer is also responsible for the return shipping cost. BUGATTI will provide a return shipping label, and the designated carrier will collect the return package. The customer may also choose self-return or arrange the return shipment by himself.
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Customer Reviews

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Omg what have I witnessed

This is worth every single penny buy ten of these like literally it’s better than most cars you can get I recommend you should buy this for experience.One thing is that it runs out of charge

Jeffrey Grannum Jr

3rd scooter I’ve owned and if I ever need to buy another it’ll be Bugatti. Worth every penny. Smooth and ride, looks great! Thank you!!!

Kronk Buster
Bugakatii Scoot

If you’ve ever thought, “I wish I could ride a Bugatti but, you know, slower,” then buckle up (or rather, stand firm) for the ride of a moderate pace! This scooter is like a tuxedo on two wheels. It’s got that shiny blue that says, “I’m fancy,” and a frame that’s tougher than a well-done steak at a cheap diner. Plus, it’s light enough to carry, even if you skipped arm day at the gym. With a top speed that’ll have snails jeering, “I could beat that in a race!” you’ll be cruising at a brisk 18.5 mph. It’s perfect for outrunning zombies… if they’re the really slow kind. t’s got lights brighter than my future, turn signals that scream “I’m turning here!”, and a deck light show that’ll make disco balls jealous. And let’s not forget the EB monogram projection – because nothing says “I’ve arrived” like stamping your initials on the pavement. The battery will last you longer than a popcorn kernel stuck in your teeth, with a range that says, “I can almost get there without recharging!” Four hours to full juice isn’t too shabby, either. At around $1,200, it’s the Bugatti for the rest of us. It’s like buying a diamond-encrusted toothbrush – not necessary, but oh-so-sparkly. The Bugatti electric scooter is the caviar of the scooter world. It’s for those who say, “I want to roll in style, but also, I’m eco-friendly.” It’s a statement piece that’ll have people staring, pointing, and saying, “Is that a… scooter?” So, if you’re in the market for a scooter that’s more about the “ooh la la” than the “vroom vroom,” the Bugatti electric scooter might just be your new best friend on wheels. Just remember, it’s not about the destination; it’s about how cool you look getting there!


love the blinker on my scooters gyatt. 10/10 great

Jeff Boomhauer
Absolutely Slaps

If you want an affordable Bugatti, this is the one for you. Scootin’ Down City Streets has never been more fashionable until now. This thing has 3 Speeds. Here, There, and GONE. It may not have a W16 but it sure feels like it. Note: Hitting your shins with it hurts as much as any other scooter.