About Us

Embrace your passions and let them guide you towards a fulfilling and successful path.


Our mission is to deliver an exceptional scooter experience, each ride becoming an unparalleled adventure, by combining Bugatti's precision engineering and exceptional design. We aim to push the boundaries of innovation in the scooter industry while maintaining an uncompromising commitment to quality and detail.


Bugatti Scooters stem from a pursuit of speed, elegance, and excellence. From the inception of our first scooter, we have been continually innovating, inspiring passion for scooter sports with our stories and products. Every Bugatti scooter carries our history, spirit of innovation, and pursuit of perfection.


Our approach is always user-centric, believing that every scooter rider should experience the best. Our mastery of technology allows us to produce robust and high-performing scooters, while our understanding of aesthetics makes our products equally artistic.


Our philosophy is continuous innovation and pursuit of excellence. We believe in 'only the best is good enough,' whether it's design, technology, or performance. We're committed to producing the highest quality scooters, providing the best riding experience, and continually challenging and reshaping industry standards.